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New Construction/Builders

In an effort to be sure that your requests for power are handled in a timely manner, please use this guide to help you with the steps in applying for electrical service.

Applying for Electrical Service

The first step in arranging for a new electrical service is to call Harrison REMC and speak with the service orders department. In most cases, you will be asked to stake off the approximate location of the future structure. A staking engineer will then make a site trip to your property and put together an estimate for your review. In some cases, an appointment to meet on site with a staking engineer will be required to discuss routing and locations of equipment. It is recommended to call as far in advance as possible (at least one month) to ensure sufficient time to design, plan, and install a new service. At the time of application, the member should be prepared to provide the following information.

If the service is for a permanently occupied home or partially occupied structure (camp, barn, garage, etc.)…

    • Name(s) on the account
    • Service Address
    • Permit Number
    • All current telephone numbers, email address(s)
    • Anticipated service size and voltage (200A, 400A, 120/240V)

    If the service is for a permanently occupied home or partially occupied structure (camp, barn, garage, etc.)…

      • Approximate square footage
      • HVAC system (gas or electric)
      • Recorded warranty deed for the property

      The cost of a new service will be based on the amount of work and materials required to extend REMC equipment to the member meter base. When the staking engineer has completed with their design and associated costs, you will be contacted to review this information.

      The cost of the new service will be required to be paid prior to Harrison REMC performing any work. Exceptions to paying in full are available, but they must be approved prior to any work being performed. Please call an REMC representative to discuss options 812-738-4115.

      In most cases, a member can have a temporary service installed on the construction site to aid in construction, until provisions are made for the permanent structure. Please refer to the “Temporary Service” section for member requirements. After substantial completion of the structure and a passed electrical inspection, the permanent service can be installed. Please refer to the “Permanent Service” section for member requirements.

      If you are simply reconnecting a previously existing service, this should be stated, and a work order can be developed to perform this work. Please refer to Harrison REMC Member Cost/Fees.

      If service has been disconnected one year or more, an inspection and credit check are required and fees may apply. Please contact us by calling Harrison REMC’s main number, 812-738-4115. Please have the above information prior to calling.