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Capital Credits

There is a unique difference from being a ‘member’ of an electric cooperative and being a customer with an investor-owned utility. When you begin using electric service provided by an REMC, you actually become an owner of the business.

How Capital Credits Work

Harrison REMC operates as a non-profit cooperative:

  • Margins generated by the REMC are allocated back to the membership in the form of capital credits on a patronage basis
  • This allocation is based on how much electricity was purchased by each member during the year
  • These capital credits are allocated annually and refunded overtime in accordance with the financial goals of the REMC
Moving or Stopping Service

If you move or no longer have electric service with Harrison REMC:

  • Members must keep their address current so that future disbursements can be properly mailed
  • Capital credits are reserved for members even if they move out of the service area
  • The REMC will make every effort to deliver a check by mail