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Heat Pump Water Heaters: $200 – $500

Harrison REMC offers rebates on heat pump water heaters and Wi-Fi enabled electric storage water heaters. 

Water heating usually attributes to around 18% of a typical home’s total energy costs.

Water heaters and heat pump water heaters have come a long way in efficiency standards.  New energy-efficient storage water heaters contain high levels of (foam) insulation around the tank to reduce standby heat loss, and heat pump water heaters, like your heat pump HVAC unit, utilize the air around them to heat your water more efficiently.

Harrison REMC is offering members a $500 rebate on a heat pump water heater or a $200 rebate on a Wi-Fi enabled electric storage water heater.  


Would you like to get an estimate of what your incentive would be?

Just click the button below to open the residential rebate calculator. Add your program and fill in the information to get an estimate of your total incentive amount.

  • Must be installed in a home served by Harrison REMC. 
  • Minimum UEF rating >0.90.
  • Must submit a signed application with itemized invoice/receipt and proof of UEF rating.
  • Limit of two (2) rebates allowed per member account per useful life of rebate equipment.
  • Wi-Fi unit must be built into the water heater when purchased and not a stand-alone equipment piece.
  • Rebate is for a heat pump water heater or a Wi-Fi-enabled electric storage water heater.
  • Submission for rebates must be
    within 90 days of installation and must be submitted by Dec. 15, 2024.
  • Approved rebates will be returned to the member in the form of a bill credit.
  • Please review the complete list of program terms and conditions found on the co-op website.
  • Rebate may be mailed, brought to office or emailed to