OUTAGE REPORTING: 812-738-4115 or 812-951-2323

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    1165 Old Forest Road, Corydon, IN 47112

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    P.O. Box 517, Corydon, IN

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    7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday–Friday

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    812-738-4115 or 812-951-2323

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Please do not leave any outage information. To report an outage, call 812-738-4115 or 812-951-2323 or sign into your online account here.

A Harrison REMC employee greets a member at the front counter.

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Contact Us

Office Location

1165 Old Forest Road
Corydon, IN 47112

Phone Numbers

812-738-4115 and 812-951-2323

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 517
Corydon, IN



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