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Heat Pump Water Heaters: $500

Harrison REMC offers rebates on heat pump hot water heaters. Below is information about the water heaters, as well as rebate information.

Water heating usually attributes to around 14% of a typical home’s total energy costs.

A heat pump water heater dramatically reduces electric energy consumption compared to an electric tank style water heater. A standard electric tank style unit will use 4,879 kWh of electricity per year compared to 1,856 kWh of electricity per year for a heat pump model.

For Harrison REMC members, the savings is nearly $302 per year with the current residential electric rate. That translates into an efficiency range of 300% to 500% for heat pump water heaters compared to 90% for a tank style model.

The units get the Btu’s of heat for making hot water from the surrounding air, not from electricity.

Harrison REMC has a $500 rebate for investing in this technology.

For the Heat Pump Water Heater rebate, complete pages 1, 2, 3, and 6.

  • All rebates must be presented in the year in which the work was done.
  • Heat pump or hybrid water heaters only (all in one units).
  • Minimum 40-gallon size.
  • No incentives for electric resistance tank water heaters.
  • Limit of two water heater rebates per HVAC unit home; limit of two HVAC rebates
  • All installations are subject to verification and/or inspection by Harrison REMC.
  • Rebate form must be completed in its entirety with a proof of purchase from the vendor.
  • Rebate programs ends Dec. 15, 2023 and is subject to change without notice.
  • Rebate may be mailed, brought to office or emailed to