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Team Up To Save

There are forces driving up the cost of power-

         And they don't appear to be slowing down. While we can't control some factors-like the cost of fuel used to generate electricity-there are actions we can take to save money and energy.

        "We" includes both you and us.

         As a cooperative, owned by the people we serve, our priority is offering you solutions to the challenge of holding down the cost of electricity.

         That's why we're asking you to join us to Team Up, Together We Save.

         All of us can do our part to keep the cost of electricity as low as possible. It will be through working together that we can save energy and money.

         This means taking time to become more informed about why costs are increasing, then considering changes in how and when you use electricity.

Programs to help you save money

Harrison REMC offers several programs designed to help you reduce your energy usage. These include rebates on energy efficient heating and cooling systems, rebates on heat pump hot water heaters, LED bulb store, refrigerator recycling, and  Beat the Peak- this program is a voluntary program that informs members of peak usage periods and what they can do to minimize their usage.

For the latest on Team Up to Power Down, check the daily energy-efficiency tips, how to videos, links and other ways to save money, visit

For even more money-saving tips, and to see exactly how much you'll save by reducing the amount of electricity you use, visit and



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