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To receive a rebate from Harrison REMC, all homeowners must provide ARI (Air conditioning and Refrigeration Institute) validation for all SEER ratings that can be obtained from the installing heating and cooling dealer.
No rebate will be awarded based on HVAC dealer bid specifications, promotional material of dealer, manufacturer or any other source than ARI.
All homeowners must complete a rebate request form and provide proof of purchase to receive any 2019 Harrison REMC rebate.
Rebate Request Forms






Heat Pump Rebates

They heat, they cool, they’re energy efficient, and they’re affordable. Four good reasons to install a heat pump in your home. Heat pumps are the most popular way to heat and cool because one piece of equipment does it all. It operates entirely by electricity and offers a high level of comfort and efficiency at low costs.

Rebates are available for customers who replace an old heat pump, install a new one or replace a natural gas, propane, oil or wood furnace. There is also a significant rebate for replacing an old air conditioner in a home that has an electric furnace, electric ceiling cable heat, baseboard electric heat or any type of wall electric heaters where the total heating needs of the home are being met by electric resistance heating units.

Dual Fuel Applications

Some believe that two fuels are better than one and combine an air to air heat pump with a fossil fuel furnace. In extremely cold weather, a dual fuel heating system selects the fossil fuel furnace for all the home’s heating needs. But for most of our Southern Indiana winters, a dual fuel heating system automatically utilizes the more energy efficient heat pump to provide your home the heating comfort you desire.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps are the ultimate comfort machine. No system is more efficient or cheaper to operate than the technologically advanced geothermal heat pump system. Together, earth-stored energy and clean, safe electricity offer an efficient and economical way to maintain comfortable heating and cooling year round.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Water heater heat pumps are 14% of a typical home's total energy cost. A heat pump water heater dramatically reduces electric energy consumption compared to an electric tank style water heater. A standard electric tank style unit will use 4879 kWh of electricity per year compared to 1856 kWh of electricity per year for a heat pump model. For Harrison REMC members, the savings is nearly $302 per year with the current residential electric rate. That translates into an efficiency range of 300% to 500% for heat pump water heaters compared to 90% for a tank style model. The units get the btu's of heat for making hot water from the surrounding air, not from electricity. Harrison REMC has a $500 rebate for investing in this technology.



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