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Outage: 812-738-4115 or 812-951-2323

Outage Information

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To report an outage call (812) 738-4115 or (812) 951-2323.  Please do not email  your outage or put it on Facebook as these are not monitored 24/7.

In order to provide the best posssible service to you, we need your correct home or cell phone number that may be used to report an outage.  We can't stress this enough, because the right numbers will minimize outage times.  The new outage management system is map-based and will allow us to restore power even more efficiently by providing data that can help locate and identify the problem.  By tracking outage calls received, the system recognizes multiple outages and predicts what portion of the line is off.  We'll actually be able to see the electric lines affected and will be able to send crews out to restore power faster.

Because your phone number is our connection to you, it's critical that we have an up-to-date phone numbers.  Please call us at 812-738-4115 or 812-951-2323 to update your number or go to Contact Us on the home page and email your name and numbers.



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